I joined Toluna Surveys some time ago, but never became that active on it. I did rejoin and reached payout (£10 voucher – proof at end of post), but never used the site again after that. Since I’m on a mission this year (grrr), the site might be one for me to revisit soon.

Right, what’s Toluna Surveys all about then?

Toluna is predominantly a poll/survey site. The polls themselves don’t take long at all to complete as they’re mostly multiple-choice questions – you just pick one answer and you’re done. Quite fun too.

I’ve received a couple of surveys, but haven’t completed them ‘cos frankly at the time, I couldn’t be bothered. The one time I did do a survey, I was 5 minutes in before being told that I didn’t qualify. That kinda put me off attempting any more and I just stuck to doing the polls instead. Was still able to reach
payout though.

From the survey invites I’ve received in my inbox, most of their surveys are no longer than 10-20 minutes long.

You also get to test products for free. Not too clued up on how that works as I’ve never received one.

Who can join Toluna?

Only US residents. But the good news is, Toluna has other sister sites you can join depending on where you live including:

– Toluna (Ireland)

– Toluna (Italy)

– Toluna (Germany)

– Toluna (UK)

– Toluna (Canada)

Some polls pay. Some don’t…

…but there are quite a lot that do. To give you an idea of paying-poll quantity, I’ve completed over 30 in one go before. Didn’t take long and didn’t feel like work either. I just did as much as I could tolerate and moved on. I’m not sure if that’s the norm with Toluna, whether they usually have that many paying polls. Maybe they thought “Mayday, Mayday, superstar in our midst – let’s lavish her with all the points we can muster”. Erm, I don’t know.

Points for polls/surveys…

For the paying polls, you get a minimum of 15 points each. The questions are very straightforward. I’ve gotten a 30pt and 150pt poll in the past and those took me no more than a couple of minutes to complete.

For the surveys, you get 1000 to 20,000 points per completion.

Show me the money:

With Toluna UK, you can request points in exchange for vouchers. No cash, I’m afraid. Vouchers you can convert to include:

– 1500pts: a prize draw ticket (for a £5000 monthly draw)
– 3000pts: free products with Vistaprint (you pay postage & packing though)
– 10,000pts: a £10 discount on a pamper day
– 60,000pts: a £10 Amazon voucher

Expect up to 8 weeks for a requested voucher to reach you. That’s a preeetty long time. Hopefully, ‘up to 8 weeks’ means it takes a lot less than that (more often than not).

How to build up your points…

– By joining…’cos you get a 500-point welcome bonus for that. (as I’m only a member of the UK one, I don’t know if you get a bonus in the other Toluna sites.)

– Complete the ‘Interests Surveys’ section. It’s the same thing as completing your profile. It helps Toluna find out more about you in order to figure out what surveys to email you. The great thing is for each survey you complete in that section, you get 300 points. When I did mine, there were 16 surveys in

– You also get a 2000pt bonus once you complete all the surveys in the Interests Surveys section.

– Do a handful or two of the mini 15pt polls.

– Do the slightly longer paying polls that tend to pay more. There didn’t seem to be a lot of those though when I last used it.

– Try doing the surveys you’re sent, but if you find you have a similar experience to what I had, it’s perfectly OK not to bother with that side of things.

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