Best Paid Survey Sites that Pay

Best Paid Survey Sites that Pay Cash

What are paid survey sites?
Consumer/market research companies (aka best paid survey sites) get paid by big companies to find out what customers want or need. These research companies then recruit users like you to get real opinions on everyday products so they can learn decisively what customers want. Without your voice, big companies would waste millions of dollars in guesswork with what their customers want. You, the consumer, are the reason these research companies get paid (and the reason they exist), so you are compensated for your time.

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Highest Paying Survey Sites

We all want one definitive site that we visit that provides us with the highest paying surveys but unfortunately it’s not that easy. To maximize your time invested, you have to sign up for as many paid survey sites as possible.


Let’s say a company has a new product they’re about to release and need some consumer opinions of it. That product has a targeted demographic that the company wants to survey, but paid survey site “X” (your favorite) doesn’t have many users that fit that demographic. So they ask survey site “Y”, which has plenty users with their target demographic but they charge too much for access to their users. Finally they end up going with survey site “Z”, which doesn’t have as many users as “Y” but they don’t charge as much as “Y” (this also usually means that you get paid more as they didn’t waste money for “Y” users). So in order to maximize the amount of paid surveys that you have access to (and by extension, maximizing the amount of money you make), you have to be subscribed to as many paid survey sites as possible. But some only pay out gift cards Today there’s numerous sites and services that will give you cash for gift cards. Don’t count out survey sites that only offer gift cards.

Sign up with Best Paid Survey Sites

Being subscribed to multiple survey sites is a little daunting with how many sites you have to track everyday but there’s an easy solution. Treat your e-mail like your work portal. Go to each survey site you’re subscribed to and sign up for e-mail notifications when there’s a new paid survey that is available for you. If the site also offers it, subscribe for account recaps so they send your balance to your e-mail so you don’t have to visit each site everyday. These steps should be enough for most of you to organize your subscriptions. You can even organize further and create e-mail filter labels so incoming survey site e-mails are automatically categorized.

There are numerous websites that will reimburse you for your time, but not all of them will cut you check. Some will give you gift cards/certificates and others use a proprietary point system where you can exchange your earned points for goods or sweepstakes. For most of us, we want cash and we want it fast.


Some of the most widely used paid survey sites will cut you a check once you hit a certain minimum, but you might be left waiting. Even if you hit the minimum early on in the month, they may wait until the end of the month to distribute everyone’s checks. If you reach the minimum near the end of the month,
you may have a check waiting in your mailbox in as little as a week after you request a payout. If you’re subscribed to numerous survey sites, you may find a mailbox full of checks at the end of the month.

The newest, and definitely the quickest way to get money in your hands is payouts via PayPal. You provide the survey site with your PayPal e-mail, you reach the minimum payout amount, they approve the payout, then you get money sent to your PayPal account. From there, you can directly transfer the money to your bank account, get a check sent to yourself, or use the money immediately if you have a PayPal prepaid card.

Who Offers What?

Here’s a list of what survey sites provide what form of payout. With this list you can start working from home making money online.

Legitimate Paid Surveys that are Free to Join

No one will dispute that guarding your personal information online is one of the key concerns when browsing the web, even more so when you’re dealing with money. Large paid consumer research sites stick around, just like their parent companies (Nielsen was originally founded in 1923). Still, there will always be new paid survey sites that have to be vetted by the users. Provided will be list of ways to ensure you don’t get scammed.

No Sign Up Fee Required

Paid consumer research websites (paid survey sites) make money through the company who needs the survey completed. Your demographic is the product sold by the paid consumer research website. There is zero legitimate reason why paid consumer research websites would charge their users. If you ever see a sign up fee, run.

Privacy/Legal Documents Present

At the bottom of websites that deal with users information, financial information, login accounts, etc., there should be a privacy policy and terms and conditions. Not including at least one of these documents is usually a violation of the software or financial institutions licensing agreement they are partnered with. You should be able to find a clause in these documents that stipulates how personal information is handled. If you can’t find these documents, or they can not be procured by a simple e-mail or fax, do not do business with them.

No Spam

Most paid survey sites send a lot of e-mails. Usually these e-mails are notifications of surveys that are available for you to take. Spam on the other hand, is just a blatant advertising to buy some product you didn’t subscribe for (xyz berry foods, weight loss or sexual performance pills, credit cards, etc.).

Any legitimate survey site doesn’t need to make money on the side trying to sell you junk.

Contact Information Available

Would you ever trust your personal information with a company you had no way of contacting? The answer is a resounding no. Legitimate survey sites should provide e-mails, addresses, phone/fax numbers. Some websites strictly maintain an online only presence and may not have both an address and phone/fax number available, but they should at least provide one for you. Ultimately it is up to your discretion if you feel comfortable with the website.

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